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Built for shelters, rescues, and adoption centers to help re-home little friends.

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  • All pet listings are free

  • Receive donations for pets directly 

  • Give your pets more visibility

  • Help local adopters discover new pets

  • Help overflow or extra pets get found

  • Screen local adopters easily 

  • Communicate directly with adopters over chat

  • Easily arrange in-person meetings and pickups

If you're a local shelter or rescue with dogs and cats, Pounce makes it easy for users to find your shelter profile and view your listings.

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Follow the 3 steps below to get your pet listings up and to make sure the people who see your pets are perfectly matched.

List your pets in 3 steps...


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Need to list lots of pets? Tap the bell!

If you're a large shelter, rescue, or simply have lots of pets that you need to list, then please tap the bell above to message us and we'll help you get started!

If you're interested in partnering with us or learning more about how Pounce can assist your shelter please contact us.

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